Happy Happy Joy Joy! The Homecoming Blog Tour Commences

I know, I know, shouldn’t I be a little too old to be quoting a fat red cat and a spindly chihuahua?

But this is totally how I feel right now: 



The wonderful Carly from Carly’s Book Reviews has organized a fantastic blog tour for Homecoming, just because she rocks! You should definitely go check it out, because playlists, excerpts, guest posts, and prizes will be definitely be involved. And you could win an Amazon gift card! I know you guys. That will go straight to your book hoarding fund 😉

So please, check it out here. I’ll be updating my twitter along the way, so you can follow me if you don’t already to see where the tour is going. 

And be sure to follow Carly’s blog, because it’s filled with giveaways and great recommendations! Here’s the rundown of the tour:


Tour Schedule
Jackie’s Links
Thanks guys, and good luck!
Lots of love,

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